Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Convince a Socialist to Become a Libertarian



  1. I've engaged with socialists for years with no success. Maybe I'm not very persuasive but there's no way to have a rational exchange with an irrational person. Socialism is emotion-based ideology. Read any socialist/communist intellectual and all you get is fuzzy, bombastic appeals to emotion and envy. Marx, Proudhon, Kropotkin, and on and on. There's no room for logic.

    Socialism "works" because it makes the socialist feel good about him or herself - not because it actually works. And feeling good about themselves is all that matters to these people. Socialists are political hedonists.

    I think they understand this deep down but keep themselves in a state of denial. We've all seen how much they enjoy the creature comforts that capitalism provides even as they denounce it. There is some deep psychological trouble in the mind of a socialist that remains a mystery to me.

    But socialism as a political arrangement fails on this fundamental question - who's in charge? They are completely oblivious to it. Ask anyone in the Zeitgeist Movement who'll be in charge and get a blank stare in return.

    All collectivist forms are intrinsically and inescapably a political hierarchy even though they ignore or refuse to admit as much. Someone or a few will have control over resources, labor allocation, production... everything. So instead of a society optimized for individual decision making (the libertarian society) the socialist society concentrates all decisions in the hands of a few with little or no thought as to who those people are and what makes them so superior to everyone else. Socialism is a political black box which libertarians correctly see as a political Pandora's box.

    For Marx or Lenin it's obvious who those people should be... themselves. And that's the real agenda of the socialist agitator. He's the guy who wants to be in control and fashion society as he wants not for what's best for society as he claims. And we've had plenty of history to know how it turns out for everyone else... a nightmare. But there's no convincing them of that.

    1. "I've engaged with socialists for years with no success."

      If Walter Block of all people was "just another commie in Brooklyn" before his conversion, there's always hope.

    2. Hmmm... one down 4,000,000,000 to go. ;)

    3. lulz....It took me all day to get through this vid in between work at my desk.

      It was pretty good, I especially liked the ending argument for natural law in the face of Marxian anti-ethics. It's a seriously tender spot for most socialists. I never understood how self described humanists could embrace Marx under such terms.

      Then again, there's so much dissonance in the socialists mindset, I sometimes feel like a lion chasing a herd of zebra.

    4. "there's no way to have a rational exchange with an irrational person. Socialism is emotion-based ideology."

      This. Full stop. Most of these people are pea brained idiots who cannot or will not think beyond their nose. They're idiot maggots and they'll always be that way. VERY FEW will break away from it. The socialists in power are narcissistic sociopaths who want power over other people. Sick maggots.

  2. best comment post ever. i agree 100%.

  3. I agree. Great post plenarchist...