Monday, December 1, 2014

Fredrick Wilson II on “Personal Responsi-Damn-Bility”

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  1. It's a mostly good vid and commentary.

    I'd only take exception with his notion that his fellow black man should be calling the police on other blacks messing up their neighborhoods....that's just gonna get more people killed.

    They should probably be handling that themselves by cleaning it up themselves(cops aren't gonna clean up whatever mess was made either) and have the equivalent of "neighborhood watch"'s to keep the police out and do some more humane self I don't think it's ever a good idea to call the police. The Guardian Angel concept seemed to work pretty well....I'm not sure why it hasn't continued.

    Anyway, it's mostly good IMO aside from that....though he should have either turned his hat straight or taken it off in terms of optics if he is pitching blacks not give people a reason to consider them "2nd class citizens", etc. I wouldn't judge him for it, but a lot of people will.