Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Empires & The Domino-Effect

By Chris Rossini

The recent (and alleged) Cosby rapes shed some important light on human behavior. And that behavior can be translated into our world of Empire vs. Liberty.

There was a very noticeable domino-effect that took place after the first few allegations made the news. Women started coming out of the woodwork with their own claims that Cosby raped them as well. I've lost count of the total, but once they deemed it safe to go public, they did.

I don't want to focus on whether or not the allegations are true. That's not important to this article. I do, however, want to focus on the domino-effect. Once that first domino falls, the rest come in rapid succession.

What does this have to do with Empire vs. Liberty?

Well, at this moment in time, we live in an era where The Empire (and its army of apologists) believe they are invincible. There are no limits to military adventurism and no limits to the amount of money that can be printed.

As with all Empires, its subjugated vassal states play along. Foreign nations have no problem sucking up as many U.S. taxpayer dollars as are handed to them for obedience. However, as history has more than proven, obedience to Empire is not unconditional.

At some point, and it's impossible to know when or which nation, the first domino will fall. Some nation will have had enough, and it will be in their interest to be the first domino.

It's a very good thing that such an event is completely unpredictable. If it were possible to know of it in advance, the Empire would be able to stop it.

Let's look at the British Empire, which came before the American version. Take notice of how Britain's subjugated nations declared independence (like dominos):
Click for larger image
Yes, the American Empire is a bit different. It's more of a currency empire. The U.S. has military bases all over the world, and has occupied places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but the rest of the world is occupied financially. None dare abandon the dollar. The U.S. freedom fighters would be on their doorstep immediately.

However, it's inevitable that some country or countries will break rank in a big way. At that point it will be safe for all the other dominoes to follow. No one likes to be the first. It's much easier to wait, take the American taxpayer largesse, and wait for someone else.

As libertarians, our job is educational. When the inevitable happens, our ideas must be dominant. Will it happen in our lifetime? Our kids lifetimes? Our grandkids lifetimes?

Who knows? That's not important.

What is important is that our ideas will outlive us no matter what. If they are dominant exactly when they're supposed to be, then we will have done our job well.

Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard did their jobs exceptionally well. They're not here to see the spectacular advances that their work has brought forth, but their ideas are still with us and are being understood and accepted by an ever-increasing number of people.

The point is not to wait until it's easy. Don't wait until Jim Cramer says that he has always considered gold to be the premier currency. Anyone can do that. That's the easy road.

Take the ideas of Liberty and spread them them now, when it's tough. Our opposition is arrogant. They're pompous. They're cocky. The masses who have bought their lies are just as arrogant and pompous as well.

So what. Tell them the truth anyway.

They won't be able to un-read it.

They won't be able to un-hear it.

They won't be able to un-learn it.


  1. "...spectacular advances that their work has brought forth..."?! A few more self-identified Austrian School economists, a half dozen "think tanks" and various websites does not a spectacular advance make. The trend toward statism and crony-capitalism continues unabated. Perhaps the phrase "its always darkest before the dawn" would be more appropriate.

    1. Shame on you Brian.

      When Mises and Rothbard died, their work was preserved by a small "remnant". I suspect that fewer than 10,000 people knew their work (at more than a superficial level) at the time of Rothbard's death.

      That "remnant" has changed the "acceptable dialogue" radically.

      Tens of millions are superficially aware of "Ze Austrians!" while millions are fairly well educated on their core concept (human action, and the libertarianism that flows from that) and many hundreds of thousands of that "remnant" have a hardcore Wenzel/Rockwell knowledge, and a few have "Tu Ne Cede Malis" tattooed on their wrists. Or maybe that's just me.

      I have a wonderful, lifelong friend who is a staunch feminist, agnostic, alternachick who works for the government, and she fell in love with Ron Paul. Her "politics" haven't changed, just a different look at how best to achieve the change she wants to see in the world.

      Cheer up, dude! The darkness can only hide the truth for so long!

  2. "The masses who have bought their lies are just as arrogant and pompous as well."

    And don't forget, "completely fucking stupid".