Monday, December 1, 2014

Empire Follies: Iraqi Army Edition

By Chris Rossini

The U.S. government invades and occupies Iraq.

The U.S. government then takes 10 years and tens of thousands of military trainers to "rebuild" the Iraqi Army. A fortune is spent on the endeavor. The merchants of death make sure to get their piece of the action by selling some very fancy-schmancy weapons.

Along comes ISIS....What Ron Paul would call "blowback".

The Iraqi Army folds like a deck of cards, and runs.

ISIS takes the fancy-schmancy weapons for themselves.

The U.S. government then goes into airstrike mode to bomb the fancy-schmancy weapons that ISIS now has.

In September 2014 (a decade after the start of this cascading disaster) U.S. General Dempsey says that 50% of the Iraqi Army is so incompetent that the U.S. government can't even partner with them to fight ISIS.

Yesterday (hang in there, there's more) news came out that the Iraqi Army has 50,000 false names on its payroll.

Not 500....not 5,000....but 50,000!!!

Have you had enough?

Here's some upcoming news....The new Congress in January is going to be loaded with warmongers.

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