Monday, December 29, 2014


The LAPD called a citywide tactical alert last night as it conducted a search for a gunman who shot at two LAPD officers.

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ALERT- Please stay indoors in the area of 52nd Street and Hoover Avenue, armed Suspect in the area. Please keep our Officers in your thoughts and prayers!

 The L.A. shooting was “a completely unprovoked attack,” LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza told KTLA.

The two officers were responding to an unrelated call when they were fired upon by a rifle, officials said. One man was taken into custody as a person of interest shortly after the shooting and was being questioned, Det. Meghan Aguilar said Monday morning. But a second gunman is still on the loose, she said.

The officers were not hurt.



  1. "..a completely unprovoked attack..."

    Maybe but this is the LAPD one of the most corrupt police forces in the country

  2. The blowback to the blowback is gonna get pretty ugly.