Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bill Cosby Hires a Battalion of Private Investigators

Bill Cosby has hired private investigators to dig up dirt on his many accusers, reports NyPo.

The paper is reporting that Cosby is paying six-figure fees to a slew of private investigators for information that might discredit his alleged victims.

Multiple sources confirmed that Cosby, through his Hollywood attorney Martin Singer, is implementing a scorched-earth strategy in which anything negative in his accusers’ pasts is fair game.
At least one Glendale, Calif.-based firm with a half-dozen former LAPD detectives on staff is muckraking for Cosby, a source told NyPo.

Another source, who has worked with Cosby for at least a decade, confirmed the alleged legal strategy.

“It’s sort of worked to some degree already,” that source said. “They were able to find out information about Beverly Johnson’s boyfriend who said she only had good things to say about Cosby. We found out that Beverly never told her live-in lover of several years what she’s now telling the media and we found that to be strange.”

The insider said they’ve also been able to dig up information on another accuser — Katherine McKee, an ex-girlfriend of the late Sammy Davis Jr. who said Cosby raped her in the 1970s.
The comedian’s investigators were immediately able to dig up internet posts in which McKee allegedly praised Cosby’s stand-up act and wrote glowingly of him.
They also discovered a published interview in which she said she is “used to lying.”

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  1. I hope Cosby's team finds that this is all BS, false rape allegations destroy people's lives.