Thursday, December 18, 2014

As Michelle Obama Nags America....

By Chris Rossini

....take a look at which professions have the biggest waist-lines [via DailyMail]:

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  1. Great, so Obama can just issue an executive order repealing all fat from DHS and HHS, and the problem is solved forever! Then they can concentrate on repealing the weather.

  2. This distribution makes sense given the character of each job.

    Public sector employees, including police, have no incentive to do their jobs to a high standard and are thus filled with employees who have no incentive to maintain their health. The overweight category is also comprised of jobs that are essentially "sit down jobs."

    Engineers and architects fall into the "sit down jobs" categories. They are subject to extended periods of desk work and often extended hours. Moreover, as they are some of the non-union and non-public sector jobs in the group, they have a larger insentives to put a lot of time into their jobs, thus little time to spend at the gym. Lunches are taken on the run. High stress.

    On the underweight side, we see a lot of physically involved occupations. We also see many jobs that require physical health, such as the performance/entertainment industry. We also see, expectedly, the health fields, which are made up of typically intelligent and attractive people, type A personalities, that are obsessed with self image and have the obsessive natures to maintain their good health.

    Last we see scientists, who are similar to doctors, but with far less stress, so they can devote time to recreation and physical fitness.

  3. Skinny economists. Strikes me as odd and kind of funny.