Friday, December 19, 2014

A Fun List of Ways to be Killed By the Cops

Via WBP:
[A]n unfortunately large number of people who are fully convinced that police brutality and police state America are solely black community issues and white people should mind their own business because these things don’t affect them. Then of course there’s this other large group of people, the “cops are just doing their jobs” and “being a cop is so stressful” and “there isn’t actually a problem, it’s being blown out of proportion” people. I wanted to do something for both these groups of people, to help them see reality, to help them see the absurdity of their positions, and to reinforce my previous post.  Both groups are doing harm to a cause that is ultimately going to decide whether future America will be a free country or not. They need to get back in touch with reality. So, without further adieu, I give you my list… 
Things that cops in America will shoot you to death for holding/doing:
Titan – hispanic ladies


  1. NYT and the other media hyenas that follow them are trying to sell the public on the crazy idea that their's a vast nationwide conspiracy of cops to kill black people. The problem is defective ruling elites-with whom the NYT is closely linked-imposing what the late Sam Francis called anarcho-tyranny. The police are obviously not some independent force going off on their own.

  2. I don't like cops. I think they're ignorant for the most part, and far too many have a god complex. That said, I like the cockroach protesting vermin even less. These people couldn't give a rat's behind about freedom or liberty. They're interested in license, nothing more. There's a big difference. The world they espouse is a world where it will be every man for himself. It will fall apart in relatively short order, and if you think liberty and freedom will rise in its wake, you're a bigger fool than them.