Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Deaf Man and His Cat Signing to Each Other

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  1. Wow! Previously scientists thought only dogs were able to act in such a parasitic fashion due in part to selective breeding. A 2009 article in Psychology Today referring to a theory by Evolutionary Psychologist John Archer states: "Not only do we prefer animals that are physically neotenous (features similar to those preferred in infant humans), but we also might say that many dogs are selected based on their ability to behave in a way that parasitizes parenting mechanisms. These once viciously carnivorous wolves have physically and behaviorally morphed into altricial beings that compel us to throw them birthday parties, brush their teeth, buy them clothes, and spend more money on their haircut than we might spend on our own. In other words, we invest in them as we would our own flesh and blood children. Clever beasts." With psychologies so easily manipulated it is no wonder humans can be tricked and deceived by politicians to give up their liberty.