Saturday, December 6, 2014

84 Year-Old Chinese Man Beaten by NYPD for Jaywalking; Language Barrier Blamed

Police will escalate-RW

NyPo reports that Kang Wong, an 84 year old man, was walking against a light in Manhattan’s Upper West Side when police gestured at him to stop. The man, who reportedly doesn’t speak English well, didn’t understand the order. Says one witness:

“The guy didn’t seem to speak English. The cop walked him over to the Citibank” near the northeast corner of 96th and Broadway, said one witness, Ian King, a Fordham University law student.
The cops, at the intersection to ticket jaywalkers just 12 hours after pedestrian Samantha Lee was killed, proceeded to write Wong a ticket. However, Wong still apparently didn’t understand what was going on, and started to walk away from the cop.
“The cop tried to pull him back, and that’s when he began to struggle with the cop,” said King, 24. “As soon as he pushed the cop, it was like cops started running in from everywhere.”
Wong was left bleeding and dazed with cuts to his face.

Wong was taken to the hospital, and later the local police precinct, where his 41-year-old son attempted to find out what Wong was charged with. After several hours, Wong’s son discovered that his father had been arrested for jaywalking, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct.


  1. Gotta love these chickenshit cops. I guess one guy couldn't take some poor 84 year old man so they all ganged up on him like a street gang. Pathetic little tax feeder maggots.

  2. But nothing happened like this happened to the man when he lived in "unfree" China.

  3. Arrested for jaywalking? Again, conservatives and liberals keep telling me how we're not in a police state....

    1. you must be talking to the wrong conservatives... the only ones i know who continue to deceive themselves like that are very liberal, love obama, want everyone to pay higher taxes except themselves etc...

    2. Oh I know plenty of "law and order" conservatives who think the police are little gods. They're just more willing to see them as the cowards that they are when the maggot occupying the Imperial Chair has a "D" beside his name.

  4. Ah, but he wasn't hit by a car. Mission accomplished!

  5. Happened last January. Clearly just an attempt to capitalize on current events.