Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This is Just Terrible: "Rand Paul’s 2016 Plans May Not Feature Famous Father"

From WSJ:
Steps by Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) toward launching a presidential campaign in the wake of his party’s midterm sweep are raising questions about the role of his political mentor and father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul .

The elder Mr. Paul isn’t expected to be there on Wednesday when his son convenes political advisers from around the country for a private powwow in Washington, the latest sign that the 79-year-old former congressman may be on the sidelines of his son’s expected White House bid.
As I have said, the closer it gets to the 2016 primary, the more mainstream Rand is going to get. Apparently sidelining his father is part of that move.



  1. Was this really a surprise? He's been trying to separate himself from his father for a while now. It's his strategy: the people don't want to see you as a "radical".

  2. Good. His father will be less smirched with the stances Rand takes.

  3. Well, we saw what happened when an actual statesman ran for president. Rand is just filling the public's need for a new political mountebank. As George Carlin said, "Maybe something else sucks around here, like the public."

  4. Rand is reminding me more and more of this guy: