Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Keynesian School of Fish

By Chris Rossini

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not to blame for his scheme:
"I am aware that critics say 'Abenomics' is a failure and not working but I have not heard one concrete idea what to do instead ... Are our economic policies mistaken, or correct? Is there another option?" ... "This is the only way to end deflation and revive the economy."
I get it.

The exact same thing happens here in the U.S.

Keynesian central planners look around the room and all they see are other Keynesian central planners.

American mainstream media sits nice and snug on the planner's laps...so they have nothing different.

Everywhere the planners look, they're met with the words: "Print more".

They see Paul Krugman in Sept. 2013 say that "So far, Abenomics has been going really, really well."

They do not see Peter Schiff in Aug. 2013 say that the Abenomics is only creating more problems.

Keynesian planners are like a school of fish who have no idea that life exists outside the ocean.

The ocean is it.

Their ideas are it.


  1. Regardless of the topic, this type of total resistance to alternative (as in our libertarian/Austrian alternative) analysis afflicts about 99.999% of our opponents on all versions of domestic, economic and foreign policy.

    They will not even run the subject matter (much less a cursory outline) of our critique through their tiny minds. They don't know and they don't want to know. This should be a great advantage for us.

  2. Chris, you stopped short.... give him the answer.... tell him what Japan needs to do!