Monday, November 17, 2014

The House That Incumbents Built

By Chris Rossini

Washington Examiner on the latest dog & pony show:
Typically about 92 percent of House incumbents win re-election, but this year 96 percent won...In the Senate, 80 percent usually win, but it hit 85 percent this year...And governors led the way with 89 percent winning re-election, besting the typical rate of 73 percent.
This, of course, is not surprising. Incumbents have access to the state apparatus, its stolen taxpayer funds that can be used to buy votes, and various media levers.

But who cares about the faces? Let's focus on the game.

It's not OK to steal from your neighbor. The vast (vast) majority of us do not do it. We don't walk over to our neighbor's house, knock on the door, and say "pay my bill, or I'm going to beat you up".

Yet (in 2014) Americans are OK with sending a politician to his neighbor's house to do the dirty work for him. The politician says: "Pay your neighbor's bill, or I'll put you in a cage," and that's alright for some reason.

Theft by proxy.

In America, this crazy idea would get a shiny veneer: The thief politician would only "serve his country" for a limited time, and then he'd have to go back to his life.

In other words, a farmer who milks cows for a living, could leave the farm to "serve his country". He could go from milking cows to milking his neighbor's wallets. But once the buzzer sounds, he's done with the wallets and has to go back to the cows.

Theft by proxy -- with lipstick.

It should be added that theft is one of the politician's milder crimes. It goes way beyond just theft. The countless dead at the hands of government prove that fact.

So I ask: Does it really matter what percentage of incumbents win? Does it really matter if the faces change when the game must remain the same?

Let's stop this insane "theft by proxy" way of living, and instead coexist as civilized human beings.

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