Saturday, November 15, 2014

Speaking Of The "Ability To Change Muslim Societies"....

By Chris Rossini

As a complement to Robert Wenzel's post here on the "ability to change Muslim societies," I'd like to post a quote from Andrew Carnegie, on when Americans ruthlessly tried to change Filipino society.

Back in 1898, as Progressivism was hatching from its rotten shell, the U.S. brutally occupied the Philippines as a result of the Spanish-American War. How ironic that the "land of the free" was now militarily suppressing a colony of its own.

Back here in the U.S., a few thoughtful individuals were unhappy with this drastic change that had taken place, and formed the American Anti-Imperial League. One of its notable members was Andrew Carnegie.

Here's what Carnegie wrote to a pro-expansionist (think modern-day neocon) friend:
"It is a matter of congratulation...that you have about finished your work of civilizing the Filipinos [sic] It is thought that about 8000 of them have been completely civilized and sent to Heaven. I hope you like it."
When "civilizing" the Philippines, Americans took 200,000 Filipino lives, with some estimates saying up to 1,000,000 lives.

1 million Filipinos then .... 1 million Iraqis now ....

Same twisted ideas.

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