Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Bill Circulating in the Senate Moves US Closer to Direct Confrontation with Russia

Michael S. Rozeff explains:
This proposed act is here... mong other provisions that sanction Russia, this Act commits America to reestablish the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing advanced weapons to Ukraine’s government. This sets America against Russia, which supports Crimea as a Russian federal district. Russia also respects the eastern Ukraine Donbass republics whereas the U.S. does not...

The proposed legislation deepens the American commitment to Ukraine. It places America a significant step closer to direct confrontation with Russia. It places advanced weapons in the hands of a government that has attacked its own people and whose current leader is more than willing to conduct a “total war”. He sees the earlier fighting in Donbass as a prelude and warmup. He tells us that he has in mind a much deeper and more destructive application of force. The bill before Congress proposes to support him.

These are really serious issues to be considering. We can at least try to look at them with reason. We are talking about war and peace. These weapons will be used to kill people. That’s what this bill is about. That’s what it enables.

This bill is, one step removed, an American act of war against those parties or opponents whom Ukraine’s government may choose to attack with its newly-acquired advanced weaponry from America.

Few issues are more important to Americans than those of war and peace...

Defense from an invasion of America is a justification for the use of American force to repel it. But no such justification is remotely possible in the cases of Ukraine, Syria and ISIS. The co-sponsors of the “Ukraine Freedom Act of 2014″ do not have a leg to stand on. They have so far made no argument that justifies shipping military weapons to the Ukraine government.

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  1. Link goes to Page Not Found. I would like the number of the bill so I can pester my Senators and Congressman.