Monday, November 17, 2014

John Kerry Called Gruber ‘Our Guide On A Lot Of This’

The Daily Caller dug and found video from 2009 showing then-Massachusetts U.S. Sen. John Kerry discussing Jonathan Gruber before the Oct. 1, 2009 Senate Finance Committee hearing to markup the health care bill.

So what we have now is video showing that Kerry, the President and Nancy Pelosi dealt with Guber and likely understood how Gruber and team were misleading the public about Obamacare.

This is important because the American Public may be stupid, but they sure don't like being called stupid, even if they are. It will breed in them a tiny bit of further mistrust of government officials and that is always a good thing. It is a vaccine against some degree of future government propaganda.


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  1. Any events that demonstrate that government cannot be trusted is a good thing in my book. No doubt conservative/Republicans will frame this as an administrative or Democratic trust issue rather than a government issue. Because they too engage in deception when pushing their policy. Republicans lied to the public to sell the Iraq War. Also, when they were eager to Bushcare (aka Medicare Part D/ prescription drugs) they, like the Obama administration, lied about the cost of the program in order to get it passed

    If there were a true anti government candidate (not Rand Paul of course) this would be a great teaching opportunity about how the Federal government routinely lies and why it should be severely scaled back or better yet abolished.