Friday, November 14, 2014

If Rand Paul Did This Every Day, When Meeting Any Government Official, He Would Be Great

Though, even in this clip, he is not as strong as he could be against Senator Tom Harkin.


  1. So Harkin says, in MY STATE, these terrible things took place, yada yada...
    Well, WAIT a minute, Tom, it's YOUR state, why didn't YOUR state do something about it???
    It's like these guys are refugees from some third world hell-hole who wash up in DC and are going to make the world safe from Iowa!
    Yet, at the party conventions, these A-holes get up and say "as the representative from the GREAT STATE of yada yada.


  2. I'd want that guy for president.

    Too bad he's just another politician saying things people like. Even Mitch McConnell sounds honest twice a day. And anybody who'd support that guy would be a fool...... Speak of the devil.

  3. If people are ignorant of the law, educate them. Pay for some PSA TV ads, dont send gestapo to businesses looking for jews.