Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HERE WE GO (Again): Trump Stokes 2016 Speculation

The Hill reports:
Business mogul Donald Trump is stoking speculation that he’ll run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. On his Twitter account Sunday night, Trump retweeted at least a dozen tweets from random supporters urging him to run for president.
A few of the tweets were from people who said Trump was likely too busy to run, but Trump shot back: “Just watch.”
Last year, Trump reportedly spent $1 million on political research in consideration of a presidential bid, and since 2013 he’s made several trips to Iowa to meet with social conservatives. Trump spent months teasing his potential candidacy in 2012 before deciding not to run. Many observers don’t take his presidential musings seriously, saying he’s more concerned with generating headlines and enhancing his global business brand. Still, the media attention he’d get during a potential run would shake-up the political scene, and Trump has supporters. In early 2011, some polls showed Trump leading the entire field of GOP candidates. He said he wouldn't run before any debates, caucuses or primaries.

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