Friday, November 7, 2014

Google's Barges Were Sunk By The Bureaucrats

By Chris Rossini

Remember those floating Google barges that drummed up a lot of media attention?

It turns out they were floating retail showrooms that Google was planning to use in showcasing their products. A movable retail store basically.

Well, the Coast Guard bureaucrats got to it.

Techcrunch has the details, thanks to the FOIA:
Google and its contractor were criticized for trying to seek quick approvals for the project, and for undertaking “significant work” without first gaining the full consent of the Coast Guard.

The project was halted in September 2013, and — it appears — abandoned entirely, given that one barge has been scraped and the other is rusting in a California river delta.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how much farther man as a whole would be technologically if gov't simply didn't exist these last 100 years. Gov't just ruins so much it's amazing still to me sometimes.

  2. and people wonder how the economy hasn't grown much, if at all.

  3. These bureaucrats should be working as baggers at the grocery store. At least they'll be product there and not acting like parasites.