Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CONFUSED KIDS University of California Students Want More Government Education Subsidies

Chanting, "Our university!" UC students oppose any tuition fee hike. Of course, it is "their university" except for the fact that they want taxpayers to pay for it.

It's time to privatize education and get the government out of the sector, Government involvement in education has resulted in soaring tuitions and courses that are mostly propaganda for the growing state.

Also note that although the University of California has a large Asian population as part of its student body, (Berkekely is more than 30% Asian) there is barely an Asian among the student protesters, Shouldn't these students be following the lead of the Asians, who do much better in school, but generally stay out of politics and focus on studying?


UC Regents have voted 8-2 to approve 5% annual tuition hike.



  1. No Asians? That's because they're too smart to be sociology majors.

  2. What these kids have done is adopted the Social Justice mentality of their school personnel. It's their right to have a college experience. It's their right to have a $60,000/year job. It's their right to be a professional. Their teachers and counselors told them so.