Monday, November 3, 2014

Complaint Filed Against Campaign for Liberty for Election Violations

A West Virginia Democratic operative, Patrick W. Hensley, has filed an election complaint  against the National Association for Gun Rights, a group closely associated with Ron Paul Inc., alleging the group was making a “mockery” of WV’s election laws.

Last week, the gun-rights organization distributed a political mailer that attacked the House 13th District Josh Martin. The direct-mail piece displayed a photograph of Martin’s late father, Delegate Dale Martin, who died three years ago.

The election complaint alleges the National Association for Gun Rights has failed to file any campaign finance and electioneering reports with Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s office. The group has targeted Martin and at least nine other candidates running for House seats.

The complaint against Campaign for Liberty PAC alleges the group hasn’t filed reports disclosing the group’s spending, despite sending out mail pieces attacking at least 10 Democratic candidates running for legislative offices.

“These out-of-state billionaires appear to be attempting to pull off the largest voter scam in the history of the state of West Virginia,” said Larry Puccio, chairman of the state Democratic Party. “The millions of dollars spent to mislead the public about Democratic candidates and the refusal now to offer disclosure and comply with the law is criminal. The U.S. Attorney and all proper law enforcement agencies have been notified.”

A close observer of Republican politics tells me that this type of news in the right (wrong?) hands could pose a problem for a Rand Paul presidential campaign. It could force Rand to distance himself from NAGR and C4L, which are both major grass roots campaign and money sources for Rand.

Says the observer, "Once Rand officially confirms as a presidential candidate, the scrutiny of Rand is going to intensify exponentially and this kind of stuff will be used against him."

(via Charleston Gazette)


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