Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Bill Cosby Accuser Emerges

Joan Tarshis, a former Hollywood publicist, is now also telling a story of being drugged and raped by Bill Cosby--twice.

Both times, when she was alone with him in his hotel room, which suggests the immediate question, "Why would she be alone with him in a hotel room a second time, if she was drugged and raped by him once already?"

As I have written before, there is really an easy solution to this type of problem. If a woman doesn't want to sleep with a man, she shouldn't be alone in a room with a man, especially a hotel room. (SEE: Notes on Bill Cosby: What Every Father Should Tell His Daughters)



  1. Or maybe these attention whores should stop lying about it.

  2. When I read stuff like this, I'm reminded of the Old World methods at times when I think about young women and dating. Chaperons, etc.

    Sometimes I'm not so sure it isn't a wise thing. In the case of older adult women it should just be common sense to not end up in a hotel room with a married man known for cheating.

    You have to wonder if many of them knew they were aware of their lack of judgement and decided not to come out as a result until everyone else started piling on.