Monday, November 3, 2014

About Half of American Millennials View Socialism Favorably, Compared with 13% of Americans Age 65 and Older

The US government influenced education system is making its mark.

Young Americans ages 18-29 have a positive view of socialism and a negative view of capitalism, according to a 2011 Pew Research poll. About half of American millennials view socialism favorably, compared with 13% of Americans age 65 and older, reports WSJ.



  1. So what's with Libertarian Inc's assertion that Millennials will save the Republic?

  2. Its no wonder. They think the system we have now is capitalism. Sometimes I lose all hope. We'll never overcome the public school system. I guess we're doomed to a socialist fate. Once that fails the remnant (as Rothbard calls them) will have to pick it up. But is going to be a long, slow gradual decline. I wont see the rebirth of freedom in my lifetime. Not a pessimist, just realistic.

  3. And the real bummer?... socialism for me and you! Not the elite!!

  4. The survey also states: "White and non-white Millennials have different views on the role of government as well. On balance, white Millennials say they would prefer a smaller government that provides fewer services (52%), rather than a bigger government that provides more services (39%). Non-white Millennials lean heavily toward a bigger government: 71% say they would prefer a bigger government that provides more services, while only 21% say they would prefer a smaller government. The racial gaps are about as wide among Gen Xers and Boomers." Non-whites appear to be more susceptible to the educational industrial complex propaganda and they are a growing percentage of the population. In a society that accepts democracy as a legitimate activity this is a recipe for continued looting by vote. Stop enabling this activity stop supporting the political system. The first step is to stop voting.