Friday, October 24, 2014

Who is Rand Paul Going to Call?

WaPo's resident crazy lady, Jennifer Rubin, stays in focus and raises an important question about Rand Paul's upcoming presidential camapign strategy meeting:
 “Sen. Rand Paul is summoning his top strategists and political advisers to Washington one week after the November election for a strategy session over his widely expected 2016 presidential bid.” There are any number of topics he and his advisers should consider, including who should attend and who his potential campaign advisers might be.

As for staffing, the nucleus of the Paul family campaign team, which helped Paul the Elder in his presidential campaign in 2012, has been drawn into an investigation over alleged bribery in the 2012 Ron Paul campaign in Iowa by state senator Kent Sorenson, who was induced to drop Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and endorse Ron Paul instead. Sorenson has entered into a plea deal and is likely cooperating with authorities...

Rand Paul must decide whether to bring on Benton, Kesari, Tate or any others who might be connected to the Iowa scandal, or must he go outside his comfort zone to hire fresh faces, ones not so familiar with Paul’s outlook and background.

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