Sunday, October 12, 2014

When Bureaucracy Hinders The Bureaucrats (Voting Edition)

By Chris Rossini

I don't vote and don't believe there is a "right" to vote. Voting is nothing more than legitimizing theft and aggressive violence. I'm against both. With that being said, it is rather amusing to read of "voter suppression" that is currently being complained about.

DailyKos (which normally advocates every conceivable form of bureaucratic minutia) has a real problem when that minutia hinders certain people from voting. DailyKos complains that politicians are using bureaucracy for their own benefit....Imagine that!

Here are some complaints:
North Carolina's law severely limits the forms of identification that are acceptable for one to present in order to register to vote.
Ever go to a DMV? A social security office? Or apply for a passport?

The cornucopia of "forms of ID" rattle the mind with stupidity. Ahhh....but when it comes to voting, this is now a problem.
How about Ohio? In 2010 Republican John Kasich became governor, Jon Husted became secretary of state, and their party took over the legislature. They immediately set about undoing the measures implemented to ease the long lines at the polls....
Long lines?

Let me repeat myself.....Ever been to a DMV?....U.S. Post Office?...Social Security Office? Your time is worth squat!! Get in line!!
Republicans claim that these laws are necessary to prevent "voter fraud."
And government "claims" that the TSA has to touch our genitals for our own safety. Bureaucrats can claim whatever they want in order to get their way. It's standard procedure.

The bottom line is that both Republicans and Democrats are going to tilt the tables any way possible to gain control of the levers of power.

It is voting itself that is the real fraud.


  1. Chris, every important transaction requires positive ID. Voting does not require positive ID. Ergo, voting is not an important transaction.

  2. Couldn't agree with you more Chris. However, until human beings like Dwight can shed their might makes right attitude I see no end to this fraud.

    1. Brian, I guess my comment wasn't clear. I completely agree with Chris about the error of voting. My meaning was that, apparently, without meaning to, the progressives don't think much of voting either. Nothing of value is given away.

    2. Dwight - Thanks for the clarification. But its important to understand that voting is in fact a very important transaction, and thus not voting is an important choice. Voting is important because it legitimizes the political process and it makes co-conspirators of those who vote. The political process is a way to determine who has the biggest gang and can thus make the rules everyone is forced to follow. Making it easy to vote and promising a share in the power and taxes extracted promote this political process and make voting valuable. And the voting class (progressives included) know this. The individuals right to life is meaningless if this process is allowed to continue. One way to resist is to not participate, not vote.

  3. I stopped voting, too. Formerly was a registered Republican. It is a farce and a fraud and I refuse to legitimize it with my participation, however miniscule. In any case, these days, voting has simply become a matter of parasites (on both ends of the income spectrum) voting themselves more goodies at the expense of the taxpayers.