Sunday, October 12, 2014

WARNING: It is Not Going to Stop With the Banning of Plastic Bags

The clueless who don't understand the economics of waste, but who love to harass people minding their own business, are not going to be satisfied with the recent nutty bans on plastic bags.
Salon asked its readers to tweet suggestions as to what should be banned next. The clueless were ready with suggestions:
Throwaway plastic bottles. They're everywhere . We need water vending machines.  
 Styrofoam food/beverage containers 
 Disposable diapers
And my personal favorite:
 Any single-use disposable
Yes, lets ban toilet paper.



  1. On banning toilet paper: I could see it. There are many bidet companies now. Maybe they should form a lobby (if they haven't already). Many of the electronic ones have dryers on them, and they're about as effective as the hand dryers in a run-down gas station. There, no more toilet paper.

    1. They don't use toilet paper in the middle east. Just wipe yourself clean with your hand and then wash your hands. All good, right?

  2. Single use disposables? It'll be fun when they try to apply that to condoms and feminine hygeine products.

  3. I remember seeing pictures of USSR water vending machines where the same glass was reused. Tavarish, you are saving world!

  4. The CDC should be recycling the gowns of Ebola nurses.