Thursday, October 23, 2014

TONIGHT Rand Paul to Lay Out Foreign Policy Vision

Rand Paul will use a high-profile speech in New York tonight to outline his foreign policy views. reports Politico.

At a dinner hosted by the Center for the National Interest, Rand plans to say, according to Politico:
America shouldn’t fight wars where the best outcome is stalemate. America shouldn’t fight wars when there is no plan for victory. America shouldn’t fight wars that aren’t authorized by the American people, by Congress. America should and will fight wars when the consequences — intended and unintended — are worth the sacrifice.
TRANSLATION:  Rand has no problem with war as long as Congress approves each foreign adventure of the Empire AND enough kill force is used to bury (literally) those the Empire engages in battle.

According to Politico, Rand aides say the speech will be the first time the senator fully spells out his “conservative realist” foreign policy.



  1. So,

    Back in 2002-2003 the Iraq War was authorized by both Congresses and had a majority of public support. Can we assume that Rand would approve of the Iraq War?

  2. We can assume that Rand will continue to be an enigmatic, opportunistic, unprincipled flip-flopping cauldron of cognitive dissonance.