Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time Magazine: Ron Paul is Causing Problems for Rand Paul

Time, in an article titled "Ron Paul is Spouting Off on Ebola, Secession and Terrorism in Canada," is upset because Ron Paul, with his much more consistent libertarian message, is supposedly making things more difficult for establishment leaning Rand Paul.

Denver Nicks writes at Time:
His punditry is creating problems for his son's likely White House run

In recent months, retired congressman and Libertarian darling Ron Paul has made pronouncements on Ebola, secessionist movements and terrorism in Canada that appear designed to stoke controversy, even as his son Rand tries to stake out less fraught territory in preparation for a likely presidential campaign.

Ron Paul piped up Sunday following a series of attacks on members of the military in Canada that investigators believe are likely tied to jihadist ideology.

“Though horrific, it should not be a complete surprise that Canada found itself hit by blowback last week,” Paul wrote in a column. “That is the danger of intervention in other people’s wars thousands of miles away. Those at the other end of foreign bombs – and their surviving family members or anyone who sympathizes with them – have great incentive to seek revenge. This feeling should not be that difficult to understand.”

Paul’s recent spate of controversial public pronouncements—as a professional provocateur he rarely makes any other kind—are fast becoming a political liability for his son Rand, who is widely expected to mount a campaign for the White House in 2016.
Good for Ron!



  1. No, Rand is causing problems for Rand- his father is simply taking brave, bold, and truthful stances, as always. Rand's problem is that he rode in on his fathers coattails, and proceeded to set the garment on fire. The more establishment he gets, the less he will receive support from the Remanent which Ron electrified.

    It is funny to see Time sneering at Ron, using less than flattering words to describe his actions like "recent spate of controversial public pronouncements—as a professional provocateur he rarely makes any other kind..." Heads up Time, Ron has been speaking truth to power for about four decades now- it is not something he started doing "recently". It is no surprise to see this from Time, a propaganda arm of the regime. They can't handle the truth.

  2. Sweet, they published quotes from Ron! Maybe some Time reader will learn something.