Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Villain of 'Captain America 3' isn't Iron Man — It's the NSA

Darius Adler emails:
Whose writing this stuff?! Looks like we may have some anti-gov sympathizers making some of the biggest movies.

The Verge reports:
 [I]n 2014, fighting fascism is more complicated than it looks.

Marvel has already started to play out that dynamic in the films. Once he's unfrozen, Cap quite literally does not recognize the country he's fighting for, and spends most of The Avengers reminding SHIELD agents of the simple patriotism they'd long since abandoned. The Winter Soldier goes further, putting forward an America in which the government had been taken over by fascists who were using deep surveillance and big-data algorithms to identify and assassinate dissidents. Instead of the NSA, we got a bunker in New Jersey, with rows of reel-to-reel computers that could have been pulled directly from Fort Meade circa 1975. To execute the kills, we got flying aircraft carriers, which crash more cinematically than a Predator drone. The NSA critique wasn’t perfect, but it was hard to leave the theater without feeling a more paranoid than when you went in. The fight against fascism is now a fight within the US government, or even against it.
How do you know the good guys from the bad?

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