Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Untouchable Pentagon Budget

By Chris Rossini

Apparently, we're heading into the theatrical "sequestration" season again. You know, the time when government fakes "shutting down". It makes for good entertainment though, with the Republicans and Democrats putting on their best WWE Wresting acts. And bureaucrats get a paid vacation to boot. reports on the one department that must never have a penny cut (even hypothetically):
...after a meeting at the Pentagon, President Obama pushed the idea that Congress needs to completely do away with even the pretense of sequestration with respect to military spending, saying they have to prevent the “draconian cuts” mandated.
The fact that "draconian cuts" would even be mentioned, shows how comical this charade really is. We've all seen the charts by now, right?

It's so bad, that even if there were "draconian cuts," they would amount to less than a slap on the wrist. But the game apparently goes on.

The Pentagon is one of the sharp edges to the U.S. Empire's double-edged sword. The other edge belongs to the financier: The Federal Reserve.

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