Friday, October 10, 2014

The Time Joe DiMaggio's Baseball Bat Was Stolen

I guess you could call this an example of a private sector recovery of stolen goods.

NyPo reports:

DiMaggio was...victimized during his record-breaking 56-game hitting streak, when his favorite bat vanished between games of a double-header. 
Dr. Rock Positano, DiMaggio’s longtime friend and foot doctor and director of the Joe DiMaggio Sports Foot and Ankle Center at Hospital for Special Surgery, told me, “Joe was very superstitious and was afraid it would end his streak.”
DiMaggio alerted the authorities, to no avail.“A couple of the Jersey local wiseguys put the word out, and the bat was returned to Joe without any questions asked,” Positano said.“No one ever found out who was stupid enough to steal his treasured bat, but smart enough to return it without a whimper.”


  1. Today the fool would have posted his crime on twitter.

  2. Did anyone examine the recovered bat for hair and blood???

  3. No questions were asked but maybe there was a broken thumb and a slap

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