Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Inconsistency of Steve Forbes

By Chris Rossini

I'm not a fan of inconsistency. When it comes The State, you come across inconsistent opposition all the time. One minute, Joe American curses the government that oppresses him, and the next he's saying "There oughta be a law against that."

Then you have Steve Forbes.

Forbes should know better than Joe American. He surely has the time and resources to figure it out. Forbes will write article after article, decrying "Big Government". He'll even write books with titles like "The Freedom Manifesto" picking apart one bureaucracy after another.

I flipped to a random page in my copy, and found this paragraph on The TSA:
The TSA's rigid, top-down approach scanning grannies in wheelchairs shows the same lack of common sense as so many other Big Government controls...The agency's top-down, strong-arming coercion typifies what is happening as Big Government takes over other parts of the economy, imposing rules that ignore the needs and desires of individuals.
Ok...not bad.

Let's now jump to the Ebola controversy. Yet another one of the federal government's arms, the CDC, has shown itself to be just another bumbling, fumbling, "lack of common sense" bureaucracy.

What a great time for Steve Forbes to strike like a cobra, right?


Forbes has a piece out today titled: "Obama's Ebola Czar Is A Dangerous Mistake: Here Are 3 Who Could Do The Job"

3 Who Can Do The Job??? What???

One would think that the author of a book titled "The Freedom Manifesto" would denounce anyone from becoming "Czar"! If Forbes were a champion of freedom, he would be writing until his fingers cramped up that the CDC should be abolished immediately!

But Forbes is no different than Joe American. One day, complaining about the tyrants, and the next pontificating as to which tyrant should be in charge.

Want to know who Forbes chooses as his #1 Ebola Czar? It'll make you sick:

Michael Bloomberg.

With all thy getting, Steve Forbes, get some consistency.

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  1. I dont remember where I saw it but isnt Forbes a warmonger too?