Thursday, October 16, 2014

SUPER EBOLA SCARE: Southwestern College Evacuates Students

Students at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California have been evacuated from some classrooms.

The college shut down one building after a student reported that a family member was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms according to Public Information Officer Lillian Leopold, and who may have been on the same flight as the second Dallas nurse who is infected with Ebola.

The only students evacuated were those in classrooms in Building 470, she said.

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According to Anna Pryor, editor-in-chief of the college's newspaper, The Sun, all students and staff in class with the student and in the class following have been quarantined.


Approximately 20 students have been quarantined.


Southwestern College has just released a statement regarding the medical scare on campus Thursday morning:
A student and her family had been traveling to the Midwest last week. Upon their return, the sister exhibited flu like symptoms and has been hospitalized. The student is NOT exhibiting ANY flu like symptoms. The student contacted the instructor to inform the instructor why the student had not been in class.

In an abundance of caution by some staff members, the 470 building was cordoned off.

Our campus nurse has thoroughly examined the student and there IS NO EXPECTATION OF EBOLA.

An earlier communication saying that the County Department of Health was on their way was incorrect.

RW note: Although it is unlikely that the student is infected with Ebola, this is some super school nurse, who can eyeball a student and declare him free of Ebola.

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