Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Strange Attack on Ron Paul By Paul Krugman

He wrote this oddity at NYT yesterday:

Last night Atif Mian and I flew up to Boston for a conference — and as I slid into my seat, who should I see staring at me but Ron Paul. It turned out that all of the seatback screens in the plane were showing Newsmax TV — who knew there was such a thing? Is it there to serve people who find Fox News too liberal? — and as best I could tell from the visual context (the sound was blessedly off), the elder Paul was lecturing us about monetary policy.

This sort of thing is obviously an important part of the reason we’re living in an age of derp.

Looks to me that Krugman is still hurting from the time he did hear RP and tried to best him but failed miserably. The misery must still be an open wound.



  1. from video:

    "Inflation is theft, you're stealing value from people who save money."-Ron Paul

    Great comment. I wonder how many people don't believe that value doesn't exist.(seriously, given I've run into one person that believes that now)

    1. edit: "people believe that value doesn't exist." (toss the "don't")