Friday, October 10, 2014

Rand Paul Goes On a "Listening Tour" in Ferguson

Sounding like Al Sharpton, without the color, Rand Paul went to Ferguson, MO today. According to a Rand Paul press release
 Sen. Rand Paul today visited Ferguson, Missouri to attend a listening session with local leaders in the wake of the civil unrest over the past two months. The NAACP, the Urban League and several local business and church leaders participated in the event. The discussion centered around Sen. Paul’s belief that the underlying problem in Ferguson—and many other troubled areas of our country—is a broken criminal justice system that unfairly targets minorities.

“I came to Ferguson today to listen to leaders in the community and to learn more about how we can fix the problems of criminal injustice together,” Sen. Paul said.

"Senator Paul's decision to meet with the St. Louis county NAACP and local leadership in Ferguson speaks volumes about the NAACP's strength and influence in the civil rights community. Local leadership was encouraged by his decision to call a meeting with us to have a round table discussion and discuss common sense solutions. We were honored to have an informative discussion about the Senator regarding ways that he can help to assist our civil rights agenda in Washington and help to end police militarization," said John Gaskin III, spokesman for St. Louis County NAACP.
This is typical Rand muddying the libertarian message in an attempt to get the votes of Al Sharpton's team.

"Given the over-militarization of our law enforcement and the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, it is impossible for minority communities not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them," noted Senior Advisor, Doug Stafford. "Senator Paul will continue to work to fix the broken system and in the meantime, let us continue to pray for the people of Ferguson, citizens, police and officials alike."

The problem is NOT government treatment of blacks. It is government intervention across the board, from meddling in the healthcare system to influence over the education system and beyond, that impacts us all. Rand, is in his typical style, is attempting to pretend he understands the nutty outcries of Al Sharpton and the Urban Primitives,

Al and crew are not against government intervention, they just want interventions that are on behalf of urban primitives.

If Rand had real balls, he would go to Ferguson and tell the urban primitives that the minimum wage should be eliminated, compulsory education should be eliminated, government funding of education should be eliminated, unemployment insurance should be eliminated, welfare should be eliminated and government health insurance should be eliminated.

Let's see "libertarian" Rand speak that truth to the urban primitives.


(Thanks to the many of you that sent me clips on Rand's trip)

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