Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rand Paul Calls for Libertarians to Vote

Rand Paul is out with an op-ed at Reason where he writes:
The Republican Party is not perfect and there is some dissent within the ranks, but I need libertarian minded Republicans and libertarian independents to vote, get involved and run for office. The heart of the Republican Party embraces freedom and we need to vote and then massage the party to get the party to fight harder to implement a positive vision of economic freedom, low taxation and individual liberty.
A friend emails:
He wants the votes of libertarians even though he is not a libertarian. And even worse, he wants people to vote for other Republicans.
TL reader Andrew Eppes emails:
I saw Rand's article in Reason and the great Joe Sobran already had a response in the can.
In my view, Rand's call for libertarians to vote is a major distortion of the nature of the problem. The problem is not who we vote into power. The problem is the power structure itself must be dismantled. It 

Does Rand seriously think that Republican cronies like Mitch McConnell, Goldman Scahs water carrier Neel Kashkari, Scott Brown etc. are going to dismantle the government if elected? Noyt a chance. 

Ignore Rand, stay home on election day and watch these videos instead:




  1. " The heart of the Republican Party embraces freedom "

    Bwahahahahahaha!!!! That's too funny. The heart of the Republican Party embraces war. Period.

  2. I love that George Carlin video. Towards the end he makes the key point, if you vote you have no right to complain.

    So, if Rand were ever to become president, people like Walter Block and Justin Raimondo have no right to complain about the aggressive wars Rand will perpetuate and/or start. After all, they endorsed him, they supported, they would have voted for him and therefore, they would have been enablers of him.

  3. George Carlin, the reason we don't get honest people in government is because honest people don't want to become a fucking parasite for a living. Only a parasitic loser wants to make a career out of it.

  4. Holy crap Rothbard is funny!

    "One of my least favorite things in politics is by-partisan commissions. Watch out- both parties are going to pick your pocket in tandem!"

    " commission (says) 'How can you attract good people in government if you don't give 'em a big raise?' Who wants good people in government? The good people should be in the private sector!...We want schmoes in government. We want people who can't find the doorknob!"

  5. Rothbard advocated political action. The agora black market can fly under the State's radar, but the bulk of the economy is exposed to State tyranny and the only way to fight it is political action. Vote for liberty candidates in any party.

    1. According to Lew Rockwell, Rothbard never voted once. He was a hypocrite.