Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PENTAGON OFFICIAL: The Similarities Between Obama’s ISIS and Kennedy’s Vietnam Are Eerie

By Joseph Miller

The war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not a continuation of Operation Iraqi Freedom, nor is it Gulf War III: This is President Barack Obama’s Vietnam.

Early on in the Iraq War, political pundits on the right and the left began to draw comparisons to the Vietnam War because at that point, it appeared as though Iraq was on a glide path to becoming an unwinnable quagmire. The surge of U.S. forces ordered by President George W. Bush, however, was able to turn the tide against the insurgency and al-Qaida, allowing the fledgling Iraqi government to gain a foothold and establish its legitimacy.

But almost eight years later, Iraq has finally become what those pundits described– another Vietnam. And the historical parallels are eerily similar.

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