Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pakistan's Prime Minister Pulled An Obama

By Chris Rossini

Remember when Hope & Change Obama campaigned as the man who would bring peace on Earth?

Remember when he won the Nobel Peace Prize?

How about those anti-Bush rallies?

Then, after the American people "made their voices heard," tears dripped down their cheeks on inauguration day.

Six years later, the man of peace has bombed 7 different nations, and started his own version of Vietnam. This new unending war even has a name: "Operation Enduring Resolve". 

Over in Pakistan, Obama has been picking off individuals with drones. Naturally, the Pakistanis don't care to live in fear of being toasted by a government from halfway across the Earth. Naturally, they don't care for their own government to allow the U.S. to do this to them.

Nawaz Sharif, while campaigning for Prime Minister in Pakistan, promised to end the drone attacks. Pakistanis (much like Americans) believe politicians, and he was elected. gives us an update on those campaign promises:
Over a week, US drones launch nine separate attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas, killing dozens of unnamed tribesmen. It was a resumption of strikes at a rate unseen since before last year’s Pakistani elections, where Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised to end the attacks.

The few drone strikes launched in the wake of the election were met with loud condemnations by the Sharif government. Today, the silence is deafening, and underscores a policy shift from the Sharif government.

Following the trend of the Mubarak and Zardari governments before them, Sharif is on the path of “tacit approval,” with growing speculation in the Pakistani press that the government is cooperating in the attacks.
Politicians, around the world, have this democracy thing down pat.

No wonder they love it so much.

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