Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Major Donors to Koch Brothers Super PAC Revealed

The Koch super PAC, Freedom Partners Action Fund, is out with its first donor disclosure list that is required by law.

It shows that New York hedge fund billionaire Bob Mercer wrote the largest check — $2.5 million. Followed by the Koch brothers themselves. Charles and David Koch each wrote $2 million checks from trusts in their names.

Arkansas poultry producer Ronnie Cameron, Wisconsin roofing billionaire Diane Hendricks and Nebraska trucking magnate Clarence Werne, each donated $1 million.

Roughly 650 donors combined to contribute the more than $15 million raised by the super PAC, from its June creation through the end of September. The majority of the donations were smaller than the $200 threshold that triggers FEC disclosure requirements.


(via Politico)

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