Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ebola Victim’s Family Raises the BIG Question

NYT reports:
 Relatives of the first person to die of Ebola in the United States, joined by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., continued on Saturday to denounce the treatment he and his family had received from a hospital here and from Texas officials...

They asked why Mr. Duncan had not been taken to Nebraska Medical Center, where two Americans who contracted the disease in West Africa have been treated...Jackson said the other Ebola victims in the United States “came back to Atlanta and Nebraska, got quick treatment and early treatment, and their lives have been spared.”
It continues to look to me as though there is a treatment for Ebola, but its authorized use by the US government will be limited to Americans (or maybe certain Americans)



  1. Its a good question but unfortunately idiots are going to focus on that clown Jackson being involved.

  2. There are indeed medical treatments for Ebola, and they rely on early diagnosis. But even so, they are far from 100% effective and extremely limited in supply. The US medical system would be overwhelmed if every African exposed to Ebola crosses the border and seeks subsidized medical treatment.

    However sub-optimally, US citizens are the ones paying these costs through insurance, taxation, and being gouged on their own medical costs, so are the ones for whom treatment should be reserved, to control outbreaks here.