Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola-Fear Can Be Added To Any Political Agenda

By Chris Rossini

How about some Ebola mixed with a dash of Hamas, and a side of neoconservatism?

Coming right up!

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina is concerned that Hamas may bring Ebola to the U.S.
“Okay, well, part of their creed would be to bring persons who have Ebola into our country. It would promote their creed. And all this could be avoided by sealing the border, thoroughly. C’mon, this is the 21st century.”
Interesting that he thinks members of Hamas would A) infect themselves, and B) do it now. The disease has been around for 40 years. Did they just learn of it?

Also interesting that Joe attributes such spectacular superpowers to the federal government. How is an organization that literally can't keep drugs out of prison, going to "seal the border, thoroughly"? And at what cost to both our wallets and whatever liberties we have left? Remember when Ron Paul cautioned about a fence to keep us in?

Evidently, Ebola-fear is capable of going for a neocon spin.

I wonder what the climate changers are cooking up (pun intended).

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