Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crazed, Insane NYPD Ebola "Protocol"!!

Oh yeah, NYC is really prepared for an Ebola outbreak.

Check out this clip from CNN. Start at the 2:40 mark. At that point the clip shows two NYPD coppers responding to the call from Dr. Craig Spencer about a high temperature, who has now been confirmed as being Ebola infected. (SEE: Nutjob Doctor Returns From Ebola Africa, Does Not Self-Quarantine, Goes Bowling)

Presumably, the coppers believed they were close enough to Spencer that they needed protection. Thus, they are wearing gloves and masks. Aside from the question of how much protection this actually offers, watch what the coppers do with the gloves and masks. They throw them into a public trash can in the middle of NYC!

For sure, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going to catch Ebola from this maneuver
 but I guarantee you, there is no protocol anywhere in the world where potentially infected gloves and masks should be casually tossed in an open trash can in the middle of a major metropolitan city.

Bottom line: It is a major myth that NYC or any other city is anywhere close to developing proper protocols for Ebola events.



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