Thursday, October 9, 2014

CONFIRMED: Dallas Patient Who Died From Ebola Was Not Given the Same Drugs as the Americans Who Survived

Just as I suspected.

The New York Daily News has the details:
[American] Aid workers Dr. Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol and Dr. Rick Sacra all were discharged from hospitals after scary bouts with the disease, which has killed approximately 3,500 people across West Africa...

While Brantly, Writebol and Sacra were given experimental drugs made of Ebola-fighting antibodies, Duncan was given a different type of experimental drug, Brincidofovir, which is anti-viral. An anti-viral drug stops a virus from multiplying once it's in the body.

ZMapp, which Brantly and Writebol used, Tekmira, which Sacra used, and Brincidofovir all are not FDA-approved. They are allowed for emergency use only.
As I have reported, the US government considers Ebola a major league bio-warfare weapon. They don't want any antidote in the hands of foreign countries. Thus, they are not going to treat foreigners with the "experimental" drugs.


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  1. Exactly. They developed it for a reason. They are not going to put all that hard work to waste by curing their own weapon.